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I was probably interested in Kung Fu for different reasons than other people would be interested in it for. My husband took Kung Fu as a young man, and his approach to life is so different than anyone else I have ever been around. He has an inner peace that is unshakable, his approach to life is simplistic, and he is one of the happiest people I know. And he says he is that way because of the training and what Kung Fu taught him. That is why I really wanted to try Kung Fu, not just for the exercise, but to get healthy in my mind and spirit, not knowing I was going to end up benefiting from so much more.

I'm truly glad I have found Master Lee's school. He is a true inspiration. He teaches every aspect of the Kung Fu life. First and foremost, Healthy Lifestyle, eating right, exercise, lifting weights, but all on your terms, he understands we are all on different pages in our lives and we all can't do the same things that others can. We all will have our struggles and bumps in the road, but he never puts you down, never makes you feel bad, he just builds you back up, encourages you to get back on track. Master Lee motivates you to want to do better and become better.

Probably one of my favorite parts of the class is the end, when Master Lee goes over the Black Belt code. Which is an inspirational phrase and then he takes it and translates it into how we can use it in our everyday lives. How we can become better people, how to become more humble, how to always make sure we remember our Lord. And there have been many times I will be listening and he will say things that I have heard my husband say the same exact things before, and it is like an ah ha moment, the Kung Fu Lifestyle.

I have been in Kung Fu for 6 months. I am a 42 year old woman, and I have already seen a big change. Master Lee always says to really feel good about yourself you should want to teach others your knowledge. I have found myself at work wanting to help my coworkers learn more of what I know, before I wasn't quite that open.

My health has also improved, I am more flexible, stronger, and since I started Kung Fu I have lost 30 pounds. My goal for Kung Fu is I want to fight in a tournament. I know I have a long way to go, but I know I will accomplish it. 

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When I was a child, from about 7 years old to 11 years old I went to the local community center where they taught Dragon and Tiger Kung Fu.  From the moment I started I loved the challenge of learning something new and really enjoyed the tournaments.  It was something to look forward to and really helped myself esteem and confidence at the time as well.  Due to some moving around during this time I was not able to continue and where I had moved to did not have a Kung Fu School.  What I did learn from the inside out did stick with me and during that time helped me move forward as a person.  I remembered not just learning how to fight but also learning about myself from within as well.

At 46 years old and not feeling well with high blood pressure and diabetes I kept remembering back about how good it felt learning and learning more about myself and becoming healthier and stronger.  I was fatigued and overweight and just did not feel good and wanted that feeling back.  I knew I had to somehow change and fix my lifestyle to achieve this.  Remembering back about Kung Fu I kept thinking if I could find this again maybe this would help and change my lifestyle.  To my surprise and the searching I did at the time, I could not find a true Kung Fu school that was near me.  They would mention Kung Fu but it was not Kung Fu.  I finally did settle on a school that was close and my son even joined with me at the time.  To my surprise it did not go as expected and as time went on decided it was not going to work.  The school offered 2 hour classes twice a week and all seemed good with it until we actually started attending.  The first thirty minutes of the class was nothing but hard core exercising and running, the next thirty minutes was focused on Weapons and plastic board breaking.  Then the remaining time everything was learned together and they really focused on fighting.  After my son and I went for 3 weeks we were given a white belt which seemed odd.  Then after three months they wanted us to come to a belt ceremony to get our next belt.  At that time I knew this was not going to work so we decided to stop going.

My wife has been interested in the Kung Fu I learned as a child and would ask questions about it.  She also decided she wanted to do something and try the Kung Fu as well.  My wife was the one who found Master Lee's website and emailed it to me.  I looked it over and thought it was worth looking into.  My wife called and made an appointment for us to go and talk with him.  We showed up at 6:30pm and entered the school.  We were greeted and sat down with Master Lee as he explained the school.  Once done we told him we wanted to think about it and with no pressure he was fine with that.  We walked out to the car and sit and talked about it for a while and then went back in and joined the same day.

When I joined I was 251 pounds and now am able to maintain my weight between 235 and 240.  I have also been able to maintain my blood pressure and have better control over my blood glucose as well.  From the time I started to now I can tell a difference.  I feel more energetic, stronger and over all feel much better.  We really like the lifestyle and what we are learning.  It is not all about the fighting but about everything.  We are able to keep motivated and love learning everything we are being taught.

Even at 46 years old I was welcomed and felt very welcome and comfortable attending classes.  The upper students are awesome and I have learned so much from them.  I have never been made to feel bad or talked to badly or hurt in any way.  Each day I am encouraged to learn more and get better as each class ends.   

If you want to change your lifestyle for the better and want a place where you feel welcome no matter what your age is.  I would definitely recommend Master Lee's School.


Living the lifestyle, I always wanted to become a martial artist even since I was about eight years old, After I saw my first Bruce Lee move. I thought it mint being big strong and tough. Then I found Lee Mcfield's kung fu academy. When I met him, he said did you come to fight or to learn. I said I come to learn. Than he showed me how effective it was, I couldn't even touch him. The crazy thing about it was he didn't use speed or power, he was moving in slow motion. That made me a true believer. So I joined, but as I started going to classes I noticed he taught much more than just how to defend yourself. It was about helping others and being a good person and having faith in something much bigger than myself. I was diagnosed with chron's disease and was always sick and on medication, which costs lots of money. The strange thing is I noticed the more I started going to class and helping others, I started to heal . Before I knew it I forgot about the pains in my stomach. I am not on any medication anymore, and my weight is starting to come back. This school is now my medication, and till this day I feel fantastic. The father has truly blessed me with my health. This is a wonderful lifestyle to live. I'm healthy again and I can help people through my father's blessings. I don't ask how this wonderful thing has happened. I just try my best to help those in need. We all have purpose and the father will guide you to this purpose. This lifestyle has forever changed my life. My name is Amos Johnson and I must say, I am living the kung fu lifestyle. My 15 year old son is now also living the lifestyle. A place where everyone is like family.


I have set my mind on martial arts since I was very young. Fascinated with the almost super human abilities of the practitioners, I sought to make their abilities my own. It was much easier said than done. My fiance found Master Lee's Academy online and after reading a few testimonials I was intrigued. Boasting an arsenal of martial arts training and philosophy I had a mind to challenge Master Lee. I got my 3 closest martial arts inclined friends together and paid his dojo a visit. We were greeted warmly by a belt (higher ranked student) and after a short time met Master Lee. Instantly his spiritual presence deterred my will to challenge him. Confident, happy, and radiating positive energy Master asked us one question: do you come here to fight, or to learn? I (now deterred from challenging him) said : to learn. He invited us to sit in on a class. Very impressed with the environment and the more traditional kung fu approach, all of the members of my group joined shortly after. 
The improvements from a physical aspect have been incredible! Even for an athlete, Master Lee built on my weak areas. Keeping weight (particularly muscle) has always been an issue with me. Usually 3 months in a traditional gym yielded a minuscule 2 lbs increase. I have been training with Master Lee for 3 1/2 months and have gained 12 lbs of muscle. I have Master Lee's positive influence and constant reinforcement to thank for it. He is very wise in the ways of staying healthy from a nutritional standpoint as well as a workout standpoint. His commitment to his students' wellbeing is enlightening. I have also enjoyed the stretching portion of his classes very much. Even being quite flexible to begin with, his training has increased my range of motion. Chi Kung is my favorite of his offered classes. It would be impossible to fully describe how positive it's healing effects have been for me. I am very blessed to learn it from him. 
An aspect of training with Master Lee that has set him apart from any other school I have ever attended is his instructor program. It has always been a dream of mine to teach martial arts. You could say I am addicted to it. With a running 3 day a week minimum our group grows in our understanding of Wing Chun in both structural fundamentals and practical application through our opportunity to teach it to the younger students. The relationship my fiance and I share has been very close, but we have grown together from training together. I never before understood so completely how much you receive from giving. Master Lee's teachings have transcended the battlefield into my daily life and I have seen positive results in even my work and interpersonal interactions. His understanding of human psychology runs deep and his will to nurture positive energy is inspiring. 
The most moving portion of Master Lee's teaching is his philosophic principals. I have always believed in God, but never put much thought into it. Master Lee has shown me the strength that faith brings; how moral correctness is far more important than a sense of "eye for an eye". I am learning what it takes to be a Master in the true sense of the word. Helping others is the path to becoming a Master. 


I am not the typical kung fu obsessed student, but it seems almost daily I notice yet another benefit from kung fu class. I am a young woman and I wanted to learn martial arts in a classroom environment. My self-defense skills were nonexistent and I wanted desperately to feel more safe by myself. I wanted to get healthier and more calm and practicing martial arts keeps me firm, trim and much less anxious.


After just a month of going 3-4 times a week I had lost ten pounds and my belly had vanished before my eyes. My metabolism has increased as well as my energy level. Normally after a long day at my physical job I was drained physically and emotionally. Now I have extra energy and can keep up with my high energy fiance.


With our increased workouts, my entire household changed our eating habits and increased our protein intake. I love food and cooking and I can eat 3-4 meals a day and still maintain my 155 lbs. This is the littlest I've been since high school and most of my pants are baggy at the waist now.


Physical benefits aren't the half of the benefits derived from Master's Lee's classes. My favorite class is a meditation class offered once a week and my meditation skills have increased dramatically. My anxiety (it runs in my family) has never been this under control in my life and I recently got a job promotion. I was the most serene and confident I had ever been for the job interview and I thank Master Lee and my healthier lifestyle/mindset for the promotion. All of my family and friends have noticed my positive changes and some have even adopted some of them for themselves. My mom began studying meditation and breathing and benefits from taking time to just be still. She also has boosted her protein intake after seeing me and my fiance's increased muscle tone.


Most importantly, the philosophy that Master Lee teaches is invaluable. Everyone trains for different reasons and everyone learns at his or her own pace. I want to be more serene, confident, and physically fit. Others just train for the uplifting motivation you can find there. Master Lee is always positive; even if he's having an off day you could never tell. He strives to motivate the entire class and spends time with every student. The first thing he inquires about is if you finished your crunches/push-ups/leg lifts. This really motivates me to do my "homework" every day. As you go up the ranks your responsibilities and homework will increase. 

Master Lee also says that the key to living is giving and I believe that once you start the process to healing yourself then you should try and heal others as well. I work with the elderly at a nursing home and I always try and uplift them like Master Lee uplifts his students. Thank you Master Lee for everything you've done for me, my darling fiance and my roommate. I can block punches and throw a decent punch now when previously I would freeze and probably run away. I plan on having my kids study kung fu and reap the benefits as early as they are able! 


  I had come to see what the school was like  two years previous to that and had decided then that I was not ready yet.  In February of 2009, I joined them once again to start training for a better me.  The lifestyle they offer is different than other lifestyles you come across in the world of martial arts.  When spiritual uplifting was one, I didn't know what to think, long health was next and I thought to myself, this isn't kung fu.?

All the kung fu I have ever seen involved beating people up and that's it.  With Teacher Lee, you learn about your life through his training.  You learn self-preservation, how to take care of yourself, how to be out in the world and not fall into chaos.

After Teacher Lee said all of that, he showed me his kung fu and his skill is not measured by years of practice and teaching, but by his self awareness, control and his ability not hurt people.  I have learned a lot from others also, not just Teacher.  I could go on and on.  There are too many to name.  I will not stray from this path.  It has helped me to be a better person, a parent, and all around better individual.



My interest in martial arts started at a young age, when I saw my first Jet Li movie. The way he fought astounded me, and I wanted to be just like him. I bugged my parents about letting me do kung fu and I promised them I would be dedicated to the art, just like I had been dedicated to ballet, cheerleading, and basketball. They finally relented and looked for a place that could handle the whirl wind of energy that was me. My father searched and searched until he found a place that met all of his criteria. When I walked into Lee's Chinese Martial Arts Federation I was eager to learn flying scissor kicks and leg sweeps. Soon, I found out that martial arts was about more than kicking people, and fancy defenses. it's about being and staying healthy, organizing your life, and having a healthy fear of God. it's a powerful thing knowing you can truly hurt a person with the self defense you learn there, but being able to defend yourself, not hurt your opponents, smile, and talk about God while you're fighting is another thing entirely. To do martial arts you have to want to make yourself better and stand firm with that goal. I will warn you, it's not easy sticking with the lifestyle and maintaining your health. In the end, all the work you've done will help you improve your life and inspire your family and friends to get off the couch and get into action. At Lee's Chinese Martial Arts Federation I have grown as a person and a martial artist. We fight to protect ourselves, and help the ones we love. I was able to get my father to train with me after I got my black belt in the kid?s class. Now, we both have our black belts in the adult class and are working towards our first degree. I have seen the changes LCMA has gone through and I can honestly say that it has been for the better. We focus on morality and fighting for God. Our teacher always says he doesn't need money he needs blessings. If you come here, be prepared to hear about God and the bible because God is good and Jesus is great. We are able to fight with bare fists and not hurt anyone because we are fighting for God. I would recommend LCMA to anyone and everyone who wants to better themselves, their life, and their loved ones. It will be that goal that will keep you on the horse and keep you dedicated to the art when you least want to do it. Not everyone can do kung fu and honestly commit to making themselves better, it's hard and it takes a lot of work but it is well worth it in the end. I started doing kung fu when I was nine years old because of Jet Li; I've stuck with it because it's important to be a woman who knows how to protect herself. Kung Fu is more than self defense and the ability to be able to blow a candle out from a foot away with only your energy. it's about what you do with the skill you learn, and the lifestyle you learn to help keep your temple running efficiently. I have become self aware, confident, and prepared for any situation. I know I can fight back in dangerous and scary circumstances. Wing Chun has enriched my life as a woman and I have no doubt that whatever comes my way I'll be able to conquer it because my teacher and God have helped me prepare. They've given me the tools to succeed; now I have to believe in their power. I've used the skills I have learned at LCMA in my day to day life to become more focused and a calmer individual. If you're looking for a place that will give you the skills you need to defend yourself, then this is the place for you. If you're looking for a place where you can just get power then this is not the place. That place my father found eight years ago has become my safe haven today equipping me with the abilities I'll need in the future.


Teacher Lee is truly running an academy on everything a person needs to make themselves better. This is also a place of healing. I came in just wanting to improve my fighting skills not even realizing my overall self needed to be restored. I haven't even been apart of the LCMA life style for a year and my physical well being has improved tremendously. I was a mere 143 lbs. at 6'5" when I began. Now I am 6'6" and 175 lbs. and it came on me in muscle mass. My mentallity about everything has changed. I am no longer quick to fight and be destructive. I only desire to better myself and others that I come in contact with. I would only fight with someone now if I were physically provoked first and even then would I reframe from causing unnecessary pain. My spirit was broken and I hadn't even realized it until I decided I wanted to train there. I have a new hope and confidence and my leadership skills are beginning to come out of me. As far as emotions go, I was truly a train wreck. I was so far under that I was numb. I felt little to nothing for other people and myself. Nothing was painful for me and there was never any good news inspire of it being all around me. I was anti social and gave a mean glare to any who got to close or was too friendly. But that is all behind me now and I've been able to become well acquainted with others. With my full turn around and healing that I've experienced and what I've witnessed: People losing and gaining weight (which ever was/is necessary), people have stopped smoking and drinking, people have found God, and many other things have taken place. All in all, this is the best place anyone can be.



I have not been training at LCMA for very long and already it has fiercely impacted my life. I experienced a horrific home invasion and brutal sexual assault, which led me on the path to Lee. I came in seeking self-defense skills and instead am uncovering a new way of life. One that is profoundly healthier for body, mind, and spirit, and is leading me fast down the road to recovery. I am learning, not only how to defend myself, but how to live. This school, this teacher, and all of my fellow students are truly precious gifts that have helped to lift me up in a time of turmoil, and turn on light where there was only dark.


I've been at LCMA for 4 years. I've learned many things, including leadership, patients, and self discipline. Mr. Lee doesn't sell you your skills, he teaches you real fighting skills. I've enjoyed the time that I've spent at LCMA, and what I've gotten out of it is worth it. Most importantly Mr. Lee doesn't make it about himself, he concerns himself with his students and God. I've seen a lot of people come and go, but he doesn't hold any grudges against them. He will put his blood on the floor before he allows any of his students to be hurt. As your skills grow, so does your responsibility. Each time you become a higher belt you gain responsibility for the younger ones. It isn't about learning how to fight and leaving, it's about learning how to protect others, and take care of those who aren't as strong as you. 

This is a great place to learn martial arts. You will learn actual self-defense. After a few years of training nobody will be able to lay a hand on you in a fight. The people there are very supportive and eager to help you further your skills.



Lee's Chinese Martial Arts has provided me with a great opportunity for growth both physically and spiritually. My family has always been fitness oriented and LCMA provides me additional focus for my lifestyle. This is the one place where I can get the support and encouragement needed to succeed. The martial arts training is real not choreographed fighting like other schools; it's Practical and Real self defense.

Before anything else, you should know that Lee's Chinese Martial Arts Federation, especially the philosophy of teaching and the results that are produced in the students who attend is/are derived from the Bible and a proper understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ. If you cannot accept Jesus, it will be very difficult for you to understand the school. However, Master Lee welcomes all with open arms, as do his students, and is constantly willing to talk to anyone who comes through the door about Jesus Christ (and we've all got issues!), so don't feel like you have to "get it all right" before you come through the door. None of us have! LCMA is an entirely Christ-focused, self-defense oriented kung fu school, which emphasizes moral, mental and physical discipline. We fight each other every day, bare-fisted on a concrete floor without hurting each other by the grace of Christ and because we strive to avoid getting hit and avoid hitting others. Jesus Christ has used LCMA to truly change my life in the short 4 months that I have been attending. The disciplines from the training and the moral lessons learned from Master Lee and his students have significantly changed my perspective of the purpose of my life, the necessity of nutrition and taking care of my body, the necessity of balance, and many others. As Master Lee says, it is truly impossible to accurately describe what goes on in the school. You just have to see it for yourself! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw one another student (not even a black belt) defend himself against two attackers without getting hit and without hurting either of his attackers! -This training is designed for real-life combat and it's no joke! It takes allot of hard work but its worth the effort! As always, I thank Jesus Christ for dying to pay for my sins and rising to life to demonstrate that he is God. I hope this review has been helpful to you!



Before I came to this school, I didn't have any admiration for my Father in Heaven. Now because of the discipline and the environment that the school has, I give God all the credit I can. And my life could never be more centered or grounded in Christ than it is now. Sifu Jason



I met Master Lee about a year and a half ago. I went in to check out the school. I had just moved from California and my family and was getting re-established to a whole new life. I was sitting in my office one day and I decided to look up the local Martial Arts establishments on line. I found Master Lees web page and began to read. When I read about all of the requirements needed for a LIFESTYLE change, I knew that this place was for me. I was able to take the 2 free classes offered but because of unforeseen circumstances, I could not continue however, in those 2 classes Master Lee spoke about eating right and living the lifestyle. He also spoke about daily exercises and getting a routine down i.e. (crunch club!) Anyway it has been a year and half since but I never forgot what Master Lee spoke about and I tried to adopt that kind of a lifestyle. Well I didn't do so well and a few months ago I was diagnosed with borderline Diabetes. My doctor told me its not too late to fix it before it fixes me! I spoke to my wife who is very supportive of my quest to live a healthier lifestyle, agreed that I should return to Master Lee and begin my journey to healing and understanding. I started mid March of 2009 and I am going on 8 weeks of Kung Fu training. I am a rather large individual and I think a lot of it stems from my culture and who I am but I can still lose a few pounds so having said that, I have already lost about 3 inches off of my waist. I have made a lot of changes in the types of foods that are prepared and consumed at home. My family and I love to eat out and we have also made requests that our food be prepared in accordance with our lifestyle change. (Most restaurants will accommodate if you just ask... imagine that!!) When I am not in class my wife and I are working out at the local Gym. Master Lee is teaching me how to heal my self and each time I go to class, I am blessed to be able to have the understanding needed to apply these changes into my life. I am a very religious person and I know that without the help of my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, I cannot do what I do. Master Lee preaches good morality and reminding us that each step we take in life needs to be taken with Jesus Christ leading the way! In this short time I have been in training I have felt and I have seen a dramatic change in my life. Master Lee always says that he is not the one that is making a change in his students lives, he says its the Lord that is making the changes he comes to heal just as we all do! Well I believe Master Lee is truly inspired and those who support living a healthy lifestyle coupled with the training of an ancient style of Kung Fu along with Master Lees conviction of the Lord Jesus Christ will see their lives change in a way that they would have never imagined. Master Lee teaches fighting without fighting and he will take on anyone who walks through the door in slow motion with one hand! Of course no one ever gets hurt and Master Lee will preach to his opponent as he is getting his point across in slow motion! Aside from learning how to eat right and losing the weight, my kung fu skills have grown in abundance which has given me confidence beyond measure that allows me to do and experience other facets of life that I normally would never even think of doing. LCMA is the real deal!


Lee's Chinese Martial Arts is, without question, the best martial arts school in the Midwest. The program is set up so that students properly learn true kung fu techniques. It's crazy, I've been training here for 9 years and I have seen the so-called tough man fighters come and go. Master Lee fights everyone who walks through the door with one hand and beats ALL of his opponents in slow motion...without hitting any of them. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true! Master Lee is a true believer in Jesus and knows exactly what his purpose is and he does like no one else. He will preach to his opponents as he fights them. The instruction here is truly amazing. Master Lee will show students how to fight well and how to live well. The only true competition a person will ever have in ones self and that's whets focused on. Students learn how to eat well and exercise on a daily basis. And many students have lost weight and improved their health. With daily crunches and push ups students drastically improve muscle strength and function. Students will also be spiritually impacted. Master Lee has filled the environment with the spirit of Jesus. Most people say, "Jesus and fighting?" Yes! Students learn how to fight in a non-violent manner using the spirit of Christ. In other words, we fight, well, without hitting our opponent...violently. He has proven that you can improve your fighting skill without beating up your opponent and injuring them. Truly a Martial Art from Jesus! If you are looking for a school where you can learn how to fight in a safe, encouraging, and Christian environment, comes to Lee's Chinese Martial Arts.



Upon request to write an annual review. Call it a testimony. I have prayed to be sent to a real martial arts school. I'm a Mormon. I know of prayer and Gods influence when He answers. I believe God affects all areas of my life. Since elementary school I have had a sore issue is confidence and peers. I have been to many schools in the kc area to visit and see what they taught. Mostly what I saw was chitchat about what they taught and watched them teach. Master Lee will fight anyone who comes through his door or introduce them to the school then demonstrate his skills and teachings. Every time. No calling the cops or relying on his students to chased me out. No yelling at me cause I disrespected him by asking to spar him. There is no appointment set for a week later. No legal release forms to sign. Do you really think you will have time to reach for that piece of paper when you get jumped and beaten on the street. I didn't: both times! Do you really think a cell phone will save you; or a sword, stick or something big and clumsy that can?t be taken into a high security area? All you'll have is a brain and 2 feet and 2 hands and no time to respond. Military training is great for 2 to 4 years while you're on the line. Then time takes its tolls and lifestyle causes it distress. All that fast food and TV watching and no cardio will cause you to have a heart attack at 50. I studied American Karate in Grandview in the 90's under Mr.. Kelly. My impression of martial arts schools since that time has been low. Yes they teach kicks, blocks, and wrestling. Do they really incorporate enough self-defense in all of their drills and cardio? Nope. I went to a title boxing school. They spent an hour doing cardio. Push ups, sits ups, punching bag routines with hits and kicks. The students were dropping to the floor at the end of class from exhaustion. Do you think any of those cardio classes could honestly stop a blow or a kick when they wear gloves and pads punching a bag that's soft by design? Master Lee's has us conditioning our fist, arms, legs, and feet with only shoes on. We learn forms that ensure muscle memory and routines that ensure endurance. He Preaches of Christ, Health, and Control after seeing destruction for 30 years as a result of Lack of Christ, Health and Control. Walk away from the world and Live in a true life of Martial Arts!

If I could put more stars on I would put a thousand this school is the real deal. No chest pads gloves or anything if you get in a fight your not going to have any of that. Once you go through that it feels that you're at home everybody consoles you in the nicest way possible. It teaches you morality. That god should always be first. This place is the best Kung Fu In AMERICA Jeffrey Molina


I have seen this and I know that this man Master Lee is God's gift to us. I have been here for 8 years and recently got into the adult class; seeing all the adults and him fighting has been an inspiration. To see people fighting as real, but smile afterwards. How can this be??? Can this be real--to not fight just for practice, or just for fun, but to fight just to improve you skills, not to fight to hurt one another but to fight for each other and to learn from mistakes. That is the kind of place I am talking about. You have to love God in this place if you do not you will leave the place loving God. There have been moments where Master Lee seems sooooooo amazing then he shows us how to do that. I know that all of you who are reading this will say no way and others will get in their car and hightail it to 63rd street and to those people God blessings to you Some get tired of hearing God, Jesus, Holy Spirit over and Over again if you're one of those people I am warning you you will hear what he has to say and be tired of it but he is amazing he fights with one hand and beats people in slow motion while, while teaching and once again while teaching them, he beats them in slow motion even if they try to beat him and kill him he still does not fight and hit back. Once again been here for 8 I repeat 8 years now and still not and never will be tired of haring the name Jesus... Jesus saved his life, yes, he did one day July 15, 2004 Master Lee says it every single time he walks thought the door. Everything in there is based on teaching and if you're don't remember something or you're not on the horse ( Doing crunches every day 100 a day Master Lee asks each and every one of us who walk through the door are you on the horse? The horse is a bucking and a kicking bronco it will do everything to get you off. and once you fall off it's a hard fall and real hard to get up. So if you come in a tip from one who knows a wise one does them at least a day before you come in but don't delay your coming in just for that just do you crunches.) Again, God's gift don't let God's gift go to waste. Use it like you would use anything else vital. Master Lee will help you find God if you have not already. As you finish reading this take this name with you Jesus... Come to Lees' Chinese Martial Arts Federation today Come today and think about, Pray to, ask of, and learn about Jesus God Bless you all



It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is the place where I belonged.  Master Lee is amazing!  He knows so many different ways for you to heal yourself.  He?s like a chiropractor & a doctor all in one.  He has many different stretch routines.  I haven?t asked him one question that he couldn?t help me with.  I never thought I could learn self-defense & study the Bible at the same time, but they go perfect together!  I get to practice kung fu all week and have Bible Study on Friday?s?which helps me to stay humble, moral, calm, and patient?



My family has been a part of the LCMA family for over 8 years. My son trained in the kids program nearly 8 years before achieving his kid's level black belt. What a great achievement! The kid's class is great in curriculum not introducing fighting to the kids but teaching them movements, skills and self control that will be used later in their kung fu life. My son has learned so much regarding life lessons, teaching, self control, living a healthy lifestyle and the power he contains internally through his training and from the help of Christ. I have been able through the years to examine several other schools which only concentrate on fighting at the kid's level which in my eyes should not be a part of a young child's life. Many other things are celebrated in the kid?s class such as outstanding achievements and grades where the kids wear stars on their chest to celebrate these accomplishments. They are also recognized in front of the kung fu family during class. The next chapter, we are now members of the adult class nearly to our yellow belts. Although belts are used for grading in martial arts, at LCMA the true desire is not to be hit and not striking or provoking the opponent. Master Lee has set a goal for 30 days of not getting hit, which has become our main focus. It is important to continue to grow in belt ranking as gaining these skills (belt levels) will allow us through prayer to achieve the 30 day goal. I enjoy getting a zero, not getting hit for a minute in the line, but yet not being satisfied, not celebrating but instead studying the 1-minute sessions of things I can do better. During many sessions we are asked how many times did you get hit and are never asked how many times did you hit. Although I might have touched the opponent 25 times only getting touched once, I didn't meet the goal. Studying fighting to understand how, why and where the touch came from is a great challenge that my son and I truly enjoy. The third chapter is beginning with my wife and daughter beginning in the women's/kid's class today and we are all very excited. I hope they enjoy it as much as my son and I have. I truly contribute the kung fu lifestyle with my health. I cannot tell you the last time I was sick and felt as good as I do today. I train daily, eat healthy and continue to grow closer with Christ through reading the bible and Christian fellowship that I desire to do daily. Thank you Master Lee, Sifu Von and all the great students and instructors of LCMA




After the first class I knew this was the school for me. A no-nonsense instructor teaching a no-nonsense style of self defense. The first thing I noticed was the sparring regimen consisted of one student using standard street fighting and the other using Kung Fu to defend the attack while using no pads or gloves. The results were obvious right away when a young man of eleven years was matched against me during my first visit. A white belt weighing no more than seventy pounds was able to not only defend against my attack but also efficiently shut me down and, when finished with the demonstration, had the ability to explain to me how he did it. I have been training in Lee McFields Academy for sixteen weeks now and have found mental and physical stamina I did not know I had in me. Master Lee instills a lifestyle of kindness and understanding towards others that coincides with a style of Kung Fu that allows you to effectively stop your opponent without being destructive. I did not believe that fighting and spirituality had anything to do with one another when I began my journey in Kung Fu. I know now that one is not complete without the other and in Lee McFields school you will learn to use them hand in hand. You will not be able to buy your way to a belt in this school and the work will only become more demanding each day. Your responsibilities towards yourself and the other students will grow with each belt you earn and so will the relationships you build in class. I have already received more from this school than I ever imagined and now my seven year old daughter is taking the journey with me, only adding to the excitement of what's to come.



Every time I go to class, I learn something new. There is a wealth of knowledge to obtain because we train both Internal and External. My instructor is always available to answer my questions and is devoted to each individual's progress. Higher ranked students also offer positive encouragement and are available to assist me at any time. If you want to learn how to jump high in the air or do some Hollywood Van Damme kicks, join a gymnastics class or Tae Kwon Do. In our school we are taught skills that can be applied to real world situations. Fighting practice does not involve helmets or gloves; it is real hand-to-hand combat. We learn to control our speed and power so that younger or less experienced fighters should not be intimidated. Another key factor at our school, you do not buy a higher rank-you earn it. I have earned my white sash and am currently working on my second level of yellow. The LCMA standard for yellow sash is to block all hand attacks. One way for me to achieve this is from exposure of different fighting techniques of people that come to our door. So I invite you to come visit me, my name is Trevor and I may be conditioning my arms on the Muk Yan Jong, practicing my form, sparring, or listening to the wise advice of my sifu Master Lee.



Lee's Martial Arts Federation is the best school that I've ever attended. There are real world applications using the techniques learned in class. Too often, kung fu schools teach beautiful forms but their student has no idea how to use them for fighting. This is not the case with Lee's Martial Arts. When you train here you acquire confidence in your fighting ability because of the high standards. In addition, there is a pervasive morality that informs students when and where they must act. We seek to leave our egos behind and we do not engage in tournaments. Instead, students here focus their energy on perfecting their skills instead of trying to destroy others. Gerald Smith



My name is Roland Ramsundar, and I have been going to school at Lees Chinese Martial Arts since August 2006. I came into the school weighing 225 pounds, much of it fat. You see, I'm a programmer, so I don't have a very physical job. I've always admired martial artists and wanted to take kung fu since I was young, but I never had the opportunity or money. When I visited the school for the first time, I felt like I was home. Everyone was very positive and friendly. Master Lee allowed me to spar with him and try to get a strike on him. I tried hard, but never came close. I chose to learn here because the school is very much about learning and having disciplined, moral students. Master Lee uses the Bible and talks about morality before every class, stressing that we have a responsibility to God not to hurt any of his children. He demonstrates that with his students. No matter how hard we attack, he does not get hit and does not hurt us. That kind of control takes mastery of oneself. This is the goal: to fight without getting touched or hurting anyone.



I was brought to Lee's Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Raytown, MO, out of desire to study a martial art to protect myself and loved ones from violence. What I have learned has exceeded my expectations--this desire to protect has now evolved into a philosophy by which to live my life. Moral responsibility headlines every class. Many aspects of our training do not end simply by leaving the building or taking off a belt. For me, this includes becoming a Giver and teacher in all aspects of life. I certainly see positive results at work and home in my interactions with friends or strangers alike. The classroom has an atmosphere conducive of learning where everyone is a teacher and student, at once. No one is judged by the size of their trophies or bling, as there are none. The skills taught are realistic (no breaking inanimate objects with your face). Everyone is very friendly and welcoming like family; there are no grudges. Diet and lifestyle are emphasized more than kicking or punching. The encouragement I get to stay on the crunch/pushup regiment has helped me lose several inches off my waist while gaining muscle mass. I have also begun to pay more attention to what/when I eat, and because of this feel healthier than I ever have. While I may convey this school to be a health club, it is certainly no vacation. It takes hard work and dedication. The defensive skills I have learned are practical and effective, but most importantly for me I no longer fear I must hurt my attacker to defend myself. By nature I am a very gentle person, and this school of fighting definitely promotes no harm. Here I am, 15 months into my training, consistently impressed with the results I experience. I have begun a journey I will continue for the rest of my life. Regardless of your background or opinions about martial arts in general, I encourage you to stop in and derive your own conclusions. Adam Henry



I have been blessed since the first day I walked into Lee's Chinese Martial Arts. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about that place is "family". Everyone I've had the pleasure to meet has been so encouraging and respectful. It doesn't matter if you've been training there for 1 week or 10 years...they work with you on your level to help you develop and grow your skills. The most important aspect is that Master Lee is a rock solid Christian. When I go there and hear God's word it inspires me. For anyone wanting to try martial arts that are built on a Christian foundation, I recommend Lee's Chinese Martial Arts is the perfect place!!!!



This school is the best I've seen, and even if I don't go there I do go to where my master was train and it was at this school. I have been to some of the events and man even a white belt people can beat you. All in all this school teaches real self-protection. And the healthy life style is unbelievable I've seen people lose more weight here then going to the gym and work out videos alone. And well Master lee is the best role model I've seen. and man, the people there can fight you and beat you without throwing you to the ground and you don't get hurt either. and the mortally at this school is unbelieving everyone is so nice. This school must make God's smile.




At nearly 52 years old I have spent a lifetime involved in many aspects of physical fitness. So I can tell you I am not a kid who is impressed by the" latest fad". I have pumped iron in hard-core body building/ power lifting gyms where over inflated egos as well as performance enhancing drugs were the "norm". Where being a good person with a strong mind & body got lost in trying to look good. I have attended seminars with top body-builders including Arnold. I have also trained in a number of martial arts schools over the years, have been to seminars & have seen it all -good & bad. I have sparred with every one from Green Berets to small children. I have seen some people who were pretty good at fighting, that I realize now really did not possess very good self-defense skills- they were just aggressive. I have seen big promoters who talked a good game but did not portray the discipline that they claimed I would gain from training with them. I have known Master Lee for a number of years & have been blessed to train under his direction for about 9 years. He not only talks the talk-he walks the walk. Master Lee leads by example & he sincerely tries to help students gain the most from their training from the newest person just starting out to the "old head" like myself. His skill is the best I have ever seen. His enthusiasm, sincerity & concern for his students & his desire to help each be their best shows in all he does. I am personally turned off by the braggarts with foul-mouths, who cover their bodies with tattoos, & go fight in? a cage" for a bunch of drunken spectators. True victory is not beating some one up. It is attacking your own weaknesses. & Overcoming them. Traditionally martial artist were men & women of honor & character with strong ethics & morals who trained in combat to defend themselves & those around them. But in our anything goes, money worshiping society, morality never gets mentioned. How sad that it is! Lee's Chinese Martial Arts is a place where I have brought my children without fear of them being exposed to a "rough crowd". It is a place where I can practice real life self-defense skills without getting hurt & not being able to go to work on Monday morning. It is a place where I can fight opponents without anyone getting hurt but all learning from the experience. It is a place where I can sit at a table & discuss the Bible & morality with my sparring partners & we can get just as excited about a scripture that can help us avoid pain in our life as we do about a self-defense technique that projects our body. I have been around the block. If you are young or not so young Lee's Chinese Martial Arts can help you improve your health, defend yourself & develop self-control that will take you far.



I looked for a while before I found this school. Most schools are all about the sport of martial arts not the actual study of fighting. I don?t knock the sport as a sport, but I was looking for actual self-defense and sport fighting isn't the same as real fighting. When I came into this school I was offered a chance to test Master Lee's skills and he defended me without hurting me and continued telling me about the school without me ever feeling I had a chance of touching him. Aside from his skills as a fighter, he is always on top of his classes and produces great instructors that maintain a calm atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and the actual education practice is the clear focus. If you wish to learn real life self defense I have not seen anything that can compare.



Amazing, amazing, amazing! This is the best school I have seen. What Master Lee has to say about a lot of Martial Arts schools having instructors that have bigger waists than actual skill in fighting is so common these days. I would highly recommend just coming in one day, just to see what he has to offer. No blood/brutality necessary.



Before I began training martial arts I had a severe limp due to a rare joint disease and I was constantly in great pain.  In fact my limp was normally the first thing that people would notice about me when they met me.  As a result, outside of people that knew me from pool tournaments and pool league, new acquaintances knew me first as the guy with the limp and then, maybe, Chris.  The pain could get severely debilitating.  For example, one time at work I was prepping the kitchen. I was in pain but nothing too extreme when someone bumped into me.  When they did, pain shot up my leg so severe it knocked me off my feet.  I had to be helped out of the kitchen and was sat down for a while to regain the use of my leg.  Also before I found kung fu I played a lot of pool!  In fact my affinity towards pool drove me to work in the bars in which I frequented.  Pool in its self was not bad activity, but all pool is played in drinking establishments, and because of that, I started drinking (when in Rome?).  The purpose for my drinking was purely for entertainment, but it was nice that a few beers would quell the pain in my hip.  I would often get off work, go directly to the bar and grab a pitcher and my pool cue.  The bar environment eventually put me into a state of a total disorganization.  In an effort to find and activity that would reduce the pain in my hip, and keep me away form the bars, I looked to martial arts.  What I got was far more than I had expected.  I found that I could use martial arts to improve many areas in my life.  Now I have all but eliminated alcohol from my life and have removed myself from the bar environment almost entirely.  I have also practically eliminated my limp.  This has been a great and unexpected benefit from my training.  Because of this I have less hip pains and back problems.  Also, even after months of rarely limping, it is still weird to me not to have to explain my limp to every new person I meet.  New people now view me differently than they ever did before.  Unfortunately the world has a strong prejudice against the handicap, and it is nice not to be seen as that guy with the limp any more.  Although martial arts have not eliminated my daily pain, my training has lessened it.  I am now experiencing very few day in which I am completely debilitated by my condition.  Another area of my life I found that my training could improve is my future.  My family has a strong history of arthritis and sinus problems.  Through living the lifestyle encouraged by LCMA, I hope to delay (and/or) eliminate these unfortunate genetic traits.  Finally my training has benefited me in that I now live in an environment free of cigarette smoke and shady acquaintances.  I now live a life where my friends have more of a positive influence on me and keep me away from negative activities.  This means I have had to rebuild a lot of my social structure, but I now see this is essential to move forward with my life.  Most importantly I will use my training as a tool to ensure that I will never fall off the path from which I have begun.      



The Benefits of Crane Chi-Kung and Loi-Kung

     It doesn't take much thought to tell you why I decided to join the Crane Chi-Kung and Loi-Kung classes.  Being a caregiver for my husband, Monte?who has been paralyzed by two strokes?my 46-year-old body takes a beating.  I am employed full time to make ends meet.  I got news from a recent physical that I may have cancer.  My son, Jason, invited me to his Martial Arts class to take two trial breathing classes:  Loi-Kung and Crane Chi Kung.  In my mind, I was thinking, ?Okay, anything for my child.?  During my tryouts of the class, final medical results of my tests proved I was cancer free.  Now I have to say that after taking a couple of classes, I felt energized.  After a few more, my body felt renewed and my body pain was gone!  What pain, you may ask?  Shoulder and back pain from lifting and pulling my husband up in his hospital bed and wheelchair.  Hip pain so bad I couldn?t get out of bed without falling to my knees first?neck pain from staring at a computer screen all day and evenings.  Caring for my husband is a twenty-four hour a day labor of love.  I have been feeling like an 89 year old person.  Any task wore me out to exhaustion.  Even taking my shower was a chore and my mind was always trying to work things out in what little sleep I got.

     I made up my mind that if I could feel this good mentally, and feel better than I did when I was in my twenties, then the Loi-Kung and Crane Chi-Kung classes were for me!  I sleep so well at night.  Even though I get up every 2 ? hours to provide care for my husband, I have no problems falling back to sleep.  I have learned how to relax and not allow things to move me to the extreme.  My attitude has improved to the positive in every area of my life.  I care about me now and I don?t feel guilty about taking time out to improve my health for the better.  In the Loi-Kung and Crane Chi-Kung class, I've learned the importance of breathing and stretching and strengthening.  Also, I've really improved on my eating habits and learned to be dedicated in taking what I've learned in class and practicing at home.

     I believe that the Lord answered my prayer of putting people in my children?s path that know him.  In doing so, it led me to a place that has not only helped me, but has helped my husband.  I can see improvements in my husband?s breathing.  Oh, yes!  I do my Loi-Kung with my husband.  I haven?t learned the Crane Chi-Kung well enough to do at home yet.  You see, my husband is on a nebulizer, which allows him to inhale medication.  He was a smoker since his teenage years and has had to use the machine four times a day.  As of today, he uses it only once a day and this is the first year since 1999 that he did not get pneumonia!  it's not a bother to us that people think we must be kidding.  We just know how we feel and are happier that we both are seeing differences in our physical bodies.  My husband and I have a slogan?..if one hurts, so does the other.  it's nice that now we both feel good together instead!

     I want to thank my son, Jason, for encouraging me to try the classes out and Master Lee for passing on such a wonderful thing to my husband and I.



                        I started taking Kung Fu at the end of last September (2001).  I saw a flyer at the land I thought it would be interesting to try. The timing of this class coming into my life seemed like divine intervention.  Like everyone else, I was feeling so tense after the tragedies of 9/11/01.  This seemed so empowering and life-affirming.  After only a few classes, there was some ?hard to describe aspect? to it.  It seemed important that I be there.

            Well, it's been a year now and what a ride it's been.  The most important thing I've gotten from taking Kung Fu is an inner resolve that I never thought I had.  Ms. Von, my sifu, had us make a list of unhealthy things we do in our lives.  At the top of my list was smoking.  I have wanted to quit for years, but?just had a hard time taking that first step.  Last May, I took the plunge and finally broke that nasty habit.

            When you make a lifestyle change, I believe you need to use every tool at your disposal to be successful.  Kung Fu was one of the strongest tools I had.  The Kung Fu Lifestyle and smoking just had no place for each other.  Kung Fu teaches you self mastery.  When you smoke, you give your power away to the cigarettes.  Your power literally goes up in smoke.  One of the first Black Belt Codes I learned was that ?a Black Belt Student knows that her words and actions represent who she is.?  I no longer wanted to be represented by smoking.  It is a weakness in character.  It was an action that I didn't want to represent who I am.  I could either train in Kung Fu or I could smoke.  The choice was easy, but the execution was the hardest thing I've ever done.

            Smoking is insidious in how it gets into every aspect of your life.  Wake up in the morning?get your coffee and smoke.  Get in your car and drive somewhere?smoke.  Feeling bored?smoke.  Feeling lonely?smoke.  Eat anything?smoke.  Watch TV?smoke.  Feeling stressed?smoke.  Make love?smoke.  it's like a period after a sentence.  It follows almost every action you can think of?so I substituted: Wake up in the morning?get your coffee and stretch out.  Get in your car and drive somewhere and repeat your Black Belt Codes.  Feeling bored?lift weights.  Feeling lonely?pick up the phone.  Eat anything?go for a walk. Watch TV?knit or crochet?.  Feeling stressed?breathe, meditate, and practice Sil lim tau.  You get the picture.  I also used the Nicotine chewing gum which really helped.  Visualization also is a great tool!  I had a  lot of conversations with my Dad.  He died in June of 2000.  If I felt an urge to stop in at the 7-11 for a pack, I?d talk it over with Dad.  He was very supportive.  The breathing exercises of Chi Kung are wonderful to help you feel centered and grounded.  Who wants to cloud up an energy field that you just filled with white light?  I sure didn't.  See what I mean about using every tool at your disposal?

            Make no mistakes about it, you at war with yourself. The best part of me wanted to win?so did the evil little gremlin that lives in us all?the little voice that says, ?Just one more won?t hurt you.???that whines ?it's too hard.??.that wants to be bad and take the path of least resistance.  You need to arm your ?better? self with everything you can think of to win.  Your ?best? self needs to become a warrior.  Kung Fu teaches you how too.  Sometimes I?d visualize a cigarette coming up to me & I?d see myself turn sideways, point my fingers at it and say in a strong, clear, loud voice, ?I don?t want any trouble!?  You have to visualize yourself kicking the habit literally and snuffing out the cigarette.  You are in a war for your soul, the essence of who you are.  Kung Fu can help you become that warrior.

            it's been 6 months since my last smoke.  Here are still times when the gremlin says ?a smoke would sure be nice????but my ?best? self is louder & stronger.  I have to think that a smoke would change nothing.  Then I take a deep breath and go on.  I always have my daily routine of Kung F and my class every Sunday.  Von, my sifu, is so supportive.  What a role model!  I think she was more excited than I was when I told her I had quit smoking.  Kung Fu can help you become empowered, self-confident, and disciplined.  At 47 years old, I thought this is who I am.  Kung Fu can help you become whoever you want to be.  It can let your ?best? self be heard & honored.  It can put you on the road to success.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it worth it?  Oh, it is so worth it.

ster Lee's Student Instructor of the Month

How I Quit Smoking

This is my second time attempting to quit smoking. The first time was two years ago. I was in LCMA and became a singer in a band. Those two reasons were enough to help me quit smoking cold turkey. The band broke up and there were other stressful things happening at that time. So, I had a cigarette. One turned into two, and two turned into three. Before long, I was smoking the same amount I was before I quit. I was smoking a pack and a half and up to two packs a day. Due to personal reasons, I quit Kung Fu for about a year. One of the reasons I came back to Kung Fu was that I wanted to quit smoking and Kung Fu would be less expensive to be in LCMA than to smoke. That was not the only reason I came back, but I thought it would give me the reason I needed to quit. It wasn?t that way. I stopped buying them but there were more than enough people to help feed my addiction. The way I was able to quit this time was in steps.

Week One: I stopped smoking in my house and in my vehicle.
Week Two: I stopped smoking in other people?s vehicles.
Week Three: I didn't smoke one hour after I woke up, one hour after work, or one hour before       I went to bed.
Week Four: I didn't smoke at band practice. Being around chain smokers was hard for me.
Week Five: I totally stopped smoking.
One month and three weeks later I have not had one, a half, or even a drag of a cigarette!


            I never grew up with a positive role model. It was always, ?Do what I say and not as I do?. I've always been around drugs because of my father. The first time I saw death was at five years old. I saw a man get shot in this mouth. As the years went on, I always did the opposite of what was good. My father couldn?t read and my mother was always too busy. The streets became home and I stayed in trouble. I graduated from high school when I was sixteen and thought I knew everything. I decided to join the United States Army. While in the service, life wasn?t any better. I headed into trouble again but got out before I could be prosecuted. As I was getting out of the service, the doctors found scarring on my lungs. That was when I started having health problems. I lived in Texas until it got too bad. The VA Medical Center would not see me in Texas, so I had to move back to Kansas City, MO. I stayed in the hospital for a month and was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. it's been bad, worse and was said to be terminal at one point. I was placed on the lung transplant list. Because of my family, I had to change my attitude and actions.

When I walked into LCMA, it felt like home and it made me feel like I belonged. I've always believed in God, but thought He was punishing me for my past. I've always been a fighter (boxing, capoeira, street fighting). Watching the LCMA students gave me an impression that fighting does not have to be brutal. Training kung fu has calmed me down and gaining this power has made me humble. LCMA has also introduced me to Chi Kung. Chi Kung has enabled me to eliminate large amounts of pain medication and has strengthened my weak lungs. My fight is now controlled and not as wild. I've always been skinny other than a brief moment of weighting over 230 lbs. I am currently picking up healthy muscle and not fat. I would like to get to 220 lbs. of muscle with a 40-inch chest. I would like to become a great Sifu while maintaining Master Lee's standards. I would like to also become more of an internal fighter. When a person is continuously sick to the point that they cannot move or breathe and are always in pain; they tend to want to blame everything and everyone but themselves, therefore they never move forward. Now that I have been introduced to the Black Belt Codes, I no longer feel sorry for myself and have something to relate to. Being a part of LCMA makes me laugh at the fact that my sickness is terminal.

Blue belt & 3 yrs of training

About 12 years ago when I was 26, I started having problems with rapid heartbeat. I was a heavy smoker at the time and was overweight.  The attacks were completely random, and usually happened when I was working at my desk. When the attacks happened they would go away on their own after about 30 seconds. But they were quite alarming and caused me to be physically drained. I went to the doctor and after many difficult tests, I was told I had a benign growth on the wall of my heart. And that this growth was causing the wrong impulses to be sent, which brought on the Arrhythmia. My doctor told me that I would not need surgery, but would have to take medication for the rest of my life to control this condition. I accepted this and was actually relieved to know that it would not require surgery to correct.

I eventually adjusted to the medication and completely quit smoking, although my doctor at the time never recommended anything more than cutting down. Being diagnosed with this problem caused other problems to surface such as panic disorder. I developed unnatural fears that something bad was going to happen such as having a heart attack, passing out, and other such phobias. Sometimes the panic attacks could become quite severe and debilitating.  In time I learned to manage the panic attacks with diversion therapy and other mind tricks that I learned. Eventually I was able to manage a somewhat normal life, and I got down to a healthy weight.  But I was always accepting that this was what I would have to do, take medication everyday, pay higher insurance premiums, and be embarrassed when I would have to talk about it.

But I started training kung fu about 3 years ago and since then things have changed dramatically.  I started to develop a confidence in mind and body that I never had before. Through the training and conditioning of kung fu I gradually learned to trust that my heart was is in good shape. And although anything can happen to anyone (even the most conditioned athletes) at anytime, I was certainly in far better condition now at 38 than I was back when I was 26. Through the use of the black belt codes and principles we learn in kung fu, I have worked to train my mind to become calmer and to attack those areas in my life that need improvement.  I have improved my eating habits by removing the beef and pork from my diet, which can contribute to heart disease and high Cholesterol. I have used the principles to remove stress from home and work life. And probably most important, was the confidence I gained from Kung Fu training allowed me to talk with my new Doctor about getting off the heart medication. After reviewing my medical history and charts he agreed to try taking me off the medication and see what happens.  I have now been off the heart medication for several months and the rapid heartbeat condition has not returned. It is really a wonderful feeling, and I thank God that I am now free from having to rely on medication.


I know I owe this good fortune to the Lord and my kung fu training. And my teacher consistently reminding me that more important than fighting, is to attack those things in your life that need improvement. As he says ?What good is it to be a great martial arts fighter, if you cannot fight and overcome those things that are attacking you from the inside.?



                I have had many bad habits that I have nurtured and developed as a child.  These habits had progressed into fears, insecurities, poor understandings, limitations, and a lot of times yielded bad situations.  When we are young we do what we know and then when we know better we do better.  Being a black belt and seeking the path of a black belt means that you seek to know better so you can do better.  The black belt codes have helped me to overcome many adversities by making the right decision at the right time.  I have a friend that told me that I had an answer for every situation.  She has never seen me go to extremes of emotion even in the face of great personal distress.  My friend though that this level of control over what I say, do, think, and respond to situations could not possibly be healthy.  I related to her of times when my emotions changed like the wind.  I wore my every thought and emotion on my face and in my body language.  When adversity would enter my life it would all but destroy me.  I could be kind to someone one moment and then cruel in just the next breath.  This time was less than 5 years ago.  And, it was not until I learned a better way of living, through kung fu, that I finally did better.
            A black belt means fighting to me.  Not the type of fight you do with your fists or your feet.  It is the type of fight you do with yourself.  It is a battle against complacency.  We allow ourselves to die slowly by not doing those things that are going to gain us strength in our lives.  You have to learn to fight to be organized in your life and your thoughts.  You have to fight to not rest or settle for less than you can achieve.  You have to fight to get up in the morning and eat and exercise and drink water, instead of hitting the snooze button for 45 minutes each morning.  You have to fight each day to do those things that are truly meaningful to you: caring and raising your children to be good, productive adults; showing those you care about that you honor and respect them by giving them your time; caring about yourself and your loved ones enough to take care of yourself so you will have more time with them; living your life as an example to others.  
           A black belt means being a role model.  What is odd is just how easy this one can initially seem.  How hard can it be to just live righteously and be someone that your children and friends can look up to?  When thinking of the enormity of the responsibility that being a role model can be, you can feel quite small in comparison to the task at hand.  While taking the black belt journey I have learned to look at this task on the smaller scale.  I look at the weaknesses in myself, and I eliminate them systematically.  Where there is chaos I seek balance, where there is discord I seek harmony, where there is indecision I seek understanding.  To be a good role model you have to know yourself and be accepting.  Sometimes when we look at ourselves we overlook the dark areas.  The truth is sometimes dark and cruel.  But, when we face those dark areas and bring them to the light we begin to see how much stronger we are.  Role models cannot hide.  And as a role model the truths inside you must not hide either.  People learn from your adversities.  Speak of how you overcame the dark truths within yourself and be not ashamed of where you came from.  For as a black belt you can empower people to do good within themselves by sharing whom you are, who you were and who you hope to be, especially for those who hope to follow your path. A black belt seeks balance and this balance gives him strength. 



    In early June, I was sitting at home and Mike called me and asked what we had planned for the evening.  I said nothing except dinner.  Then he started telling me about this school for Kung Fu he found on the internet.  Now it was my turn to be shocked.  I was really surprised he had actually done what he said.  He always did.  I just hadn't seen this much before him.  I had also forgotten the conversation.  He said that the first two classes were free and if I didn't like it we had lost nothing.  I really had no idea what Kung Fu looked like because it wasn't /isn't a popular style.  I was a little disappointed, but I decided I could argue my points later.  At least it would look like I tried.  The only thing that intrigued me was Mike explained a lot of movies used the style.  Other than that, I didn't care.

    When we arrived at LCMA, I was surprised at how simple the school looked.  The mixture of people in the class also surprised me.  There were all sizes, shapes and races.  We were promptly greeted, introduced to Master Lee McField and given our introduction class, which we were later tested over.  We got a perfect score!  I was so proud.  I started thinking, I could do this, and I have a natural ability for it.  We came to our second class and signed up immediately for two classes a week.  When we signed up, we were asked why we chose Chinese Kung Fu.  I started thinking about how I had always wanted to feel the power that women show when they do martial art.  I wanted to lose weight because I didn't look like a princess, and I also wanted to feel like I could take care of myself if a challenge came upon me.  When Von showed me her "before" and "after" pictures and said she used to have cellulite but now didn't: I was sold.  I was so thrilled with my newest beginning.  I was already feeling 100% better.  Mike's and my problems seemed to work themselves out.  I had been inventing problems because I felt powerless in all my changes.  Life had been and would continue to be an emotional roller coaster.  I found solace in my training.  It was and is my power over life.  I was for once at ease and truly happy, which was truly strange.  The newness is what was keeping me going.  I had no idea just how much my life would truly change.


    In July, I had a new challenge and blessing.  I got a job working evenings.  It was good because money had been so tight that we were shuffling bills to pay for Kung Fu, but it was bad because I didn't know where I was going to fit time in for training.  I ended up getting Saturdays off, which allowed me to train.  The down side was that I had to condense two days of training into one.  I usually didn't get to sleep until 4 A.M.  This made training difficult because I had to be up at 8:30 A.M. to get to class on time, it was exhausting.  I did pull through.  Eventually my schedule changed to days and we moved our training to the week again.  I believe we started taking three classes.  I had such a drive to be successful at something I pushed myself through.  Challenges over come.


    During my new job, I decided I needed to quit smoking.  I was about White Belt level and I was tired of losing my breath every time I would spar with someone or do anything extremely active.  It was late July early August, so it was about one month into my new Kung Fu lifestyle.  It was the hardest thing in my life.  I was a new 21-year-old;  I had been smoking since I was 14.  Most of my family smoked and it was my #1 coping system.  What would I do without it?  I would be crazy.  I have already changed my diet, isn't that enough?  I kept trying to come up with excuses.  I did feel better because now Mike and I were eating right...Yes, those non-existent bad habits were coming to surface.  I knew I would feel better if I quit smoking and hey, it was either nicotine or caffeine.  It was time to change something else.  I chose nicotine.

    The withdrawals were horrible.  I tried to cut back, but it didn't work.  Then I tried to quit, that didn't work either.  Finally, I got so angry that something smaller than a twig had control over my lifestyle that I decided nothing was going to hold me back.  I just needed to see results and know I was accomplishing something.  I was lucky because I had a huge support group that started with Mike.  I had heard that for every year that you have a bad habit, you need two weeks to quit.  I had smoked for 7 years, so it was going to take me 14 weeks to be psychologically in control of a habit that had controlled me for so long.  I could do that, right?  Ninety-eight days without smoking...I could go that long...maybe.  I was afraid of what would happen, with justifiable reason.


    To help visualize 98 days, I had Mike make ma a chart similar to the ones elementary students use in kindergarten for attendance and good days.  On one side of the chart there was week number 1,2, etc.  On the other side there were day numbers, day 7, day14, etc.  At the top it said, "Shandalla's No Smoking Chart."  It had 100 days of no smoking on it.  For everyday I didn't smoke I got a sticker.  For every week I didn't smoke, I got a reward that built the more weeks I didn't smoke...1 week without for a shopping spree of $25.00, 2 weeks...$60.00, etc  I also didn't have to do dishes for the rest of the year.  We didn't have a dishwasher.  If I smoked I had to do the dishes for 2 days for every cigarette I smoked.  It was the best thing I could have done.  To see progress helps create progress.  It was such a good idea, but to look at a chart with 100 little squares on it was quite overwhelming.  What if I couldn't do it?


    At the end of my first week I had 7 stickers, Yeah ME!  I also realized just how supportive my Kung Fu group was.   Mike, Master Lee, and Von always touched base at the end of the week to see how I was doing.  When Von found out that I had not smoked for one full week, she made it a point to announce it to the whole class, (all 4 or 5 of us back then).  Master Lee gave one of his good speeches about taking challenges on and constantly improving your self and stopped the class to have everyone give me a round of applause.  Four or five students may not sound like a lot to some, but when you have four or five students get excited because you haven't smoked for 1 week, it suddenly becomes a big deal.  You start off with thoughts like, "It was only one week," and "I still have 13 to go," but then you realize it's been about six years since you haven't smoked for a week.  It was big; I had taken my first giant step toward improving my life.  To see progress, helps create progress.  Now I had 2 types of visuals.  The journey had only begun.


    It's now been 1 year, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was well into my White Belt by the time I finished my chart and still willing to push forward.  It was only the beginning, yet such a big step.  Once that was completed, I could take on the the world.  That will forever be one of my biggest turning points in my life.

    Since that point in my life, I have been empowered to conquer and change anything in this world I want.  I have learned to cope with things even better than I could imagine.  I use our Black Belt Codes for the wisdom they provide--not only about Kung Fu, but also in my daily life.  I have had problems keeping a job.  Sometimes because employers don't like how much time I want for training, other times because I was willing to make the sacrifice because I wasn't happy and wouldn't have grown as a person.  I have had many other challenges this year, but I have been successful.


    I have moved 2 going on three times this year.  I have found out who really takes me seriously.  I have been told several times that I needed to quit Kung Fu because it was too stressful or because it wasn't helping or the money would be better.  I stood tall and my eyes have been opened.  I quit biting my nails after 21 years.  I am 22 now and my current battle is caffeine. I have a very fulfilling relationship, I am enrolled in college and an instructor who attends and teaches Kung Fu altogether about 5 days a week.  I am an empowered woman who plans to empower other women.  My anger towards past relationships and my negativity towards my family has all been smelted and released.  You may think, what does a 22 year old have for experience to base these off of.  I would tell you, "Never underestimate a person's past challenges for you may find you have less to be angry about than you think."  I will tell you as a 22-year-old, remember all this stared at 20.  I have seen more than my fair share.  I will only tell you this--not for pity, but for motivation......


    My father was an abusive alcoholic.  My mother divorced him when I was 3 and raised 4 of us on her own.  We were very poor because my father didn't pay enough child support for 3 children:  one was from a previous marriage.  She was uneducated and still very young in the ways of life.  My family and I were in 2 homeless shelters for battered and abused children.  I attended 14 different schools, each one better than the  last as my mother started to get her career together, but it wasn't even until I was 15 that she graduated from college.  I was the first to graduate from High School in 5 generations of my family.  I have seen my share.  I don't regret any of it because it was those paths that made me who I am now and those paths that lead me to be the enthusiastic, self-sufficient person I am today.  I am now empowered and plan to go much further.  I owe my strengths now to Kung Fu and everything my teachers, students, and fellow classmates have taught me.  I have beaten all the odds and I am now truly blessed.


It seems to me unlike the most of the world my black belt journey and my life journey does not begin with hardship. I grew up in the suburbs with two loving parents who are both after approximately 30 years of marriage are still on their first one. My dad held a good job that he has been at the whole time and my mom is also employed and collage educated. In school I was a middle class young man who was popular and good in sports. I was a Boy Scout and even though I never reached Eagle Scout I was in for over 17 years and continue the tradition to this day as a leader.  I never experienced hardship really. Life has always been good to me.


My challenges started the summer after I turned 17. I was down at Boy Scout camp with all of the younger scouts for a weekend. We were having fun enjoying the woods and repelling. I was ready to repel down a cliff that I had already done 10 or 20 times that day. I eased myself out talking and enjoying the time I was having. I was about ready to make my first leap when a rock that I had been standing on broke off and fell. I lost my balance and fell with it. 65 feet straight down, take the time to think about it for a minute. 65 feet is equivalent to a five and a half story building. That?s a long ways down when there is nothing to catch you. People who repel call 20 feet the kill zone because once you are past that your chances of dieing from a fall go up dramatically I tripled the distance. This moment in time will be etched into my memory forever. Most people say that your life passes before your eyes or that it happens so fast you don?t have time to think. Let me tell you that you have time to think and realize what is happening. To me it took hours to hit and was the scariest moment in my life.

The impact ripped and tore most of the major muscles from my body. My joints to my legs and hips were put under a great amount of trauma. The whole ordeal left me paralyzed and unable to move any part of my body except my left arm and head. I won?t go into the months that I spent in bed. Lets just say I have a new understanding of the little things in life.

A seventeen-year-old body is a wondrous machine with the amazing power to heal itself and bounce back. After only three months I was on my feet again. Now I wasn?t running any races but I could hobble to the bathroom by myself again. I still couldn?t wear shoes though because the weight of a sandal or tennis shoe would cause my muscles to cramp up and I would fall over.  Eventually my body healed completely and to everyone?s amazement I was up and playing sports again. At the time I thought I had very little side affect to this little accident and pushed it to the back of my mind.

Fast-forward a couple of years to about the time I turned twenty-one. I discovered the wide world of alcohol. The bar and club scene is a magical, amazing kingdom with colorful people and wonderful sites. I was well on my way to becoming the ruler of this magical kingdom and its people. I could walk into any of the clubs in our area and most of the people there would know my name, from the bouncers who guarded the entrance and checked ids to the purveyors of the fine drinks that I drank, I knew everyone.   I would stay late at the clubs and go to breakfast with the owners. Then at about four or five in the morning I would finally turn into a pumpkin and stumble home. More often then not very intoxicated. Only to wake up at seven to go to work and start a new day, this day would be much the same as the last.

Living on about two or threes hours of sleep a day makes life a little more surreal. I was the world?s first voluntary insomniac. I could go for days literally with out any sleep what so ever. I was one of the night people and it showed in everything I did. I floated through life like a small leaf on the wind. No one cared or even bothered telling me what I was doing was wrong and hurtful to myself.  Why would they though? I held a good job, and I was one of the privileged people that could actually have this kind of experience. Most people cannot do this. If the alcohol does not get them the sleep deprivation will. O and how the alcohol flowed. It was like water out of a tap. I could drink it like almost no other. I knew how to order and how to drink. I could put away hundreds of dollars of drinks a night. It was fun and my friends and I ruled the night.

Things started to change about three years ago. The mornings were getting harder and harder to face. I felt and looked real bad. The years of parties and drinking were catching up to me. I didn't stop however I just kept right on going. Thinking I could still drink and play all night. The alternative was not faceable. Finally I decided one New Years Eve to make a resolution to stop drinking and playing all night. I could do it no problem, how hard can it be to quit drinking?  So I stopped. The next weekend I started again thinking that I didn't really want to quit and I would later.

Another year went by and this time I was going to do it. What I didn't know then was this new lady I met on New Years Eve would help me and most likely save me from myself. Her name was Shandalla. I quit drinking and started to spend more time with her. I alienated my friends at the time, which helped me stop the parties. I was focused at the time. I was trying to make a budding relationship grow into something special for the first time in a long time. I started venturing out in the daylight again.

Moving from one of the nightwalkers to the daylight brought a whole new realm of problems to my mind. How do you interact with the world sober? I used to be able to have what I thought was very intellectual conversations, now I couldn?t summon enough thought to barely make it through the day. It was a hard road to travel. I am glad I did though. It brought a wonderful woman into my life that decided to stay and help me through the bad times I was having.  We both noticed that I was getting a little ?chunky? around the waist. She had suggested martial arts for some exercise and a way to spend some more quality time together. I was all for it. I had always loved the old Kung Fu movies and thought it would be great to know how to do. I looked and shopped around until I finally found Lee's Chinese Martial Arts.

Shandalla and I decided to drop by and check this school out. I was amazed at the friendliness of everyone in the school. The joy we felt in being there, made us go ahead and sign up. I was expecting the usual double speak about contracts for my next three children?s lifetimes but much to my surprise that was not the case. It seems that this school is not in the business of multiple contracts over extended periods of time. They are in the business of people. They choose to devote the time to the people that train there and let the students pay for the training on a per month basis. This really appealed to me financially and emotionally. Our training had begun and I opened a new era in my life.

Training Kung Fu I thought was going to be an easy task at first. I came into it with all of the preconceived notions of your average American male. These were crushed the first time I had the privilege to enjoy standing in our horse stance for 162 moves of our form done at an agonizingly slow pace. This changed my whole outlook on Kung Fu quickly and forced me to slow down and look at myself and why I was training. Was I training for the self-empowerment that comes from a martial art? Was I training for the exercise that comes from the physical activity? Or was it something else entirely?  The answers to these questions I am still looking for and these change from day to day.

My training although more intensive then our other students is the same road they walk. I realize that the journey that I am on is not a quick race; it is not even a straight and narrow path to where I belong but a wandering meandering path that I incorporate into my life. My favorite author once wrote, ?Not all who wander are lost.? I think this is apropos for me. For my journey that I am taking to fix the small things in my life, to make it better is one of discovery and to discover something you cannot have the tunnel vision that comes from a predefined path but must wander and find out what lies along that path. Life is meant to be experienced that is why they call it living.

Some days the stress from life can be overbearing. This is where my hardship on my Kung Fu journey comes from. I am in a high stress job where deadlines can interfere with my training.  I also found out that my accident coupled with my drinking and partying had profound effect on my body that are still cropping up after almost two years of intensive training. I am lucky that Kung Fu found me before I went back to my old ways. I find peace and solace in my teaching of the other students that takes away the stress of the day. I find it is not so painful to do things that used to be hard for me as my body recovers from the damage that I had caused it. This is the first year since my tumble off of a cliff face that I have not woke up in the morning in pain. It used to be when the weather changed drastically my body would be in horrible pain and keep me bed ridden for a few days. Now with the lifestyle that I have adopted from kung fu I no longer have this problem. My stomach that used to be forty inches of beer gut is now a slim thirty-three inches and starting to show signs that there is a different kind of six-pack in it now

Several years ago I lost my fianc?e, my son and most of my money in the same year. Instead of dealing with what was obviously the problem, I chose to be petty and let outside forces, such as my circumstances, lead to fear and anger. Furthermore, I let myself stray from the Lord.

I decided that I needed something in my life that I could do for myself to boost my self-esteem and remove the sense of failure and despair that seemed constant.

This is where kung fu has come in. Through my training, I am finding the person I was before I let the sense of loss and failure overwhelm me. I've found an added benefit. By my son seeing me train and exercising discipline, I notice he has more confidence in himself. Without knowing it, I was using a black belt code and using my discipline to rebuild my personal relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus, whom I love more than life or anything in it. And last, Master Lee is always talking about role models. Well I didn't think at 34 I would need a role model, but I train under one of the best I've ever met. This is what my training is doing for me and I am thankful to the Lord.


Kris Wood

A black belt means hard work, persistence, and achievement of goals. A black belt is a symbol of rank and honor. On my way to blue belt I have learned that persistence is the key to achieving in this long, never-ending path. I can?t say it enough to the lower ranks??You just have to stick with it and over time you?ll never believe what you can accomplish.? The journey toward black belt means changes in all parts of my life?from the way I eat, care for my body, approach goals I?m trying to accomplish, communicating with others, and my all around way of thinking. A black belt means being spiritually grounded, being a part of what is right, and distancing myself from what I know is wrong. A black belt means doing what is right, even if that means standing alone. A black belt means taking care of my body and always working on building a positive image of myself. I know I am still very, very far from the lifestyle I want to achieve, but I am also very far from the lifestyle I've tried to shed through my journey, and know now there will never be any looking back. I can only continue to try to live life in a positive manner and continue to try to achieve the goals I want to accomplish. I know that a black belt is only the beginning of moving toward a lifestyle that will take the rest of my days to achieve. I hope one day to be able to be a black belt and help others achieve what has been such a positive aspect of my life, and hope to be able to help them achieve the benefits from this wonderful way of life. Most of all to me what a black belt means can be defined in two words, my dream!

 Don Ring

  I am writing to say thank you.  As I have gotten older (30 this month), I did not believe I could ever have another role model at this point in my life outside the business world.  I was wrong! You are certainly a role model to me and everyone you interact with.  I watch the instructors and fellow students interact with one another and with me.  I am completely impressed with each and every person at LCMA.  They have definitely grasped the Kung Fu Lifestyle.  I have always been tightly wound, temperamental and every other adjective that is associated with someone who needs balance in their life.  My coworkers, friends and family alike, comment on how I have changed over the last few months.  I have become more balanced in my emotions, daily routines, eating habits, and exercise.  I owe it all to you and LCMA.  I have a long ways to go but I look forward to the journey with confidence. ! Thank you for your inspiration before, during, and after each class.


Terrance Brownlow Dindy

Our God Almighty is a progress-oriented God. As a child of His, exhorted through His word to extol what He extols and despise what He despises, I have come to long and to strive for progress in all aspects of my life and the lives of others. The very idea of regression, even stagnation is repulsive to me. Among virtues conducive to progress are discipline, perseverance, and organization. Adversaries of progress include apathy and disorganization. In my ten months of training kung fu, I've realized that it is virtually impossible to improve my skill level without an organized training regiment and total dedication to the art. I have a great desire to improve; therefore, I've learned to become more organized and dedicated.  Foremost, among the areas in my life in which I hunger to progress is my spirituality. I certainly believe that I can use the discipline and organizational skills I've become accustomed to while training kung fu, to motivate me to greater discipline and organization in my spiritual life. One thing I've found is that the positive attributes in each aspect of my life tend to infiltrate other portions of my life, and thus, I?m grateful for the opportunity to train kung fu and will use it as a catalyst to swifter progress in all areas of my being.


Elisha Hain

In just nine months, Kung Fu has already given me a priceless beginning to a whole new lifestyle and a better self.

Kung Fu has improved me physically. I am eating better, exercising more, learning more about my body?s limitations as well as potential. I have learned how to defend myself and have become aware of my own physical strength and speed.

Kung Fu has improved me mentally and spiritually. I have learned through our black belt codes to make peace with those lingering feelings of anger, pain, resentment and sadness left behind from my life?s past experiences. I am learning balance, control and confidence in everything I say, do or feel. I have learned that I have the ability to become a very happy and peaceful person without depending on another person to get me there.

If Kung Fu can bring all of this to me in just nine months; I am not only excited, but assured, that with the help of Kung Fu and the incredible people here at LCMA, I will become the good person and positive roll model that I have prayed to God to help me become.

Robert Copeland

I have used martial arts to improve myself in mind, body, and spirit. Martial Arts has kept my mind quick and sharp. Learning to defend a strike simultaneously, at times, requires a great deal of concentration. The reflexes needed require intuition and fast thinking. The body is a temple not a gymnasium. While abstaining from drugs, alcohol and tobacco has not been difficult; removing all fast food from my diet has been a tremendous battle that I fight daily. I have been encouraged to drink a water a day. Sometimes I do well, other times not so much. By doing these things I am much healthier; which in turn means that I sleep better and I can train more efficiently. An improved mind a body naturally leads to an improved spirit. I believe that having a healthy mind and body pleases God, and pleasing God is all I care to do. Maintaining a healthy and Godly spirit is my greatest and only true goal. For me Martial arts are a part of the path towards that goal. The Scriptures has this to say, "Know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom ye have of God, and you are not your own? For you are bought with a price; therefore glorify God with your body and in your spirit which are God's" I Corinthians 6:19,20.