Setting the Pace for Kung-Fu in the Midwest

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Kung Fu Belts

Lee’s Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Raytown, Missouri, we use the belt ranking system as well. There are six colors of belts to indicate level, with none degrees of Black Belt. The final five degrees are based on years of dedication, teaching loyalty, contributions, ability in the internal arts, ability to show a precise demonstration of soft fighting skills, and community contributions. Rankings at the beginner levels are based on your knowledge of the Wing Chun system, its history, and performance of the basic techniques and forms.

Black Belt
The Black Belt is a three-year program, and requires regular participation in belt examinations. You’ll have to exhibit an excellent attitude in Kung Fu, school, or home, and demonstrate the qualities of Black Belt excellence in and outside of the school. You’ll also need to demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm for classes, and attend school functions.

The Kung Fu Black Belt Journey

A Black Belt should now realize that the fight is on the inside. The only way to progress from this point is through helping others to the Black Belt. If you have no desire to help others and you are--or are soon to be a Black Belt, this is where you graduate. No one can teach anyone who has learned all they need to know.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

The key word is "Standards." Instructors must have personal standards about their physical condition before deciding to take on the Black Belt journey.

The black belt journey requires one major change--and that is the way we think. Because we have reached the honorable position of black belt, we have to be role models. What good is it to be a black belt when we have no control over how we behave or how we treat others? Black Belt is the level where you should decide to be a good person in ever way possible. What good is it to have Black Belt (BB) discipline when we can not apply it to our life.

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