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Lee’s Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Raytown, Missouri. We provide classes in Wing Chun, Wing Chun Fut, Choy Li Fut, Crane Chi Kung, and Loi Kung. Our program can improve confidence, self-defense, health, and provide systems and tools to maintain a higher quality of life.

We have provided quality marital arts training in the Kansas City Metro for over 20 years. Master Lee has 40  years of martial arts training and takes great joy in producing quality versus quantity students.

Our program can teach fitness, health, nutrition, stretching, muscle development, and a total healthier lifestyle. Parents with children that lack self-esteem, confidence, and are possibly bullied at school, are encouraged to come in and try our program. Children who are home schooled or lack the motivation to exercise are invited to the fitness program. We can provide physical activities, the education, and the motivation to improve their health.

Our fitness program is designed to produce measurable progress in one's physical health. You don't have to get hit to learn good self-defense skills.

What good is it to be a Black Belt, if you cannot use your training and discipline skills to help improve the mental and physical stress and pains that come with day to day life?

What good is it to have great fighting skill, if you can only demonstrate its destructive power? Students learn how to get stronger, eat better and stretch properly. Never underestimate the power of a balance workout and healthy life style

With Over 40 years of training and teaching, I have learned how to teach good defense and counter skills with out having to be hit. Our goal is to teach the whole life style. Teaching the Mind, Body and Spirit can create "the I can attitude". You may have a few extra pounds to get rid of, poor health, lack of activity or ageing. The key is don't give up. Through faith all thing are possible. Getting around other who are also trying to live, can rub off.

There is only one decision to make. That is do you want to live? Dying is easy, but living is hard. Because living requires work. That mean living a healthy life style. Embrace the thing you can not change and do what we can to help yourself. Whether it's to eat better, excise more, stretch, study your faith or all of the above.

I personally have learned, that a bad experience is truly bad when you learn nothing. Higher ranked students are taught the responsibility of controlling their power. They are prohibited from striking or hurting students. When a student learns how to defend without having to injure the opponent. He or she will Having the ability to protect them-self and having the humility to match.

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Being able to defend yourself and learning to remain healthy are important. At Lee’s Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Raytown, Missouri, we take great pride in offering both self-defense and fitness classes to improve the whole person. 

Belt Ranking

The belt ranking system is one of the most recognized aspects of the kung fu. We use Kung Fu belts to mark our students progress, and regular testing and activities teaches them to take pride in themselves, and in their art.

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